International Dance Day

Most children love to dance and it’s a fun way to be active as well as boost confidence and creativity. Here are some of the benefits of dancing for both you and your child.

1. Dance promotes neurological development: It stimulates the brain and builds focus, concentration and problem-solving.

2. Dancing keeps you fit: It improves endurance, stamina and energy. It also encourages strength and muscle development.

3. Dance improves flexibility: It gives you a wider range of motion and improves blood flow to your muscles.

4. Dance develops spatial awareness: When you dance you learn to gauge the space around you.

5. Dance is creative: It can be a form of self-expression and storytelling.

6. Dance builds confidence: When it’s not serious or professional, dance is not competitive. You can make mistakes and keep going.

So turn up that music and boogie with your child. You will both have fun and grow together!


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