• Halswell – Halswell Preschool


Monday – Friday,
7.30 am – 5.30 pm,
Weekend Closed


24 Dec 22 to 6 Jan 23


Visitors to our Preschool will see our tamariki and kaiako are environmentally aware and recognise the importance of looking after our planet.

Our tamariki have a worm farm which they look after themselves, by making sure the worms are fed and cared for.  They also have their own garden where they grow fresh fruit and vegetables.

Toitu te marae a Tāne, toitu te marae a Tangaroa, toitu te whenua
Care for the domains of Tāne and Tangaroa and the land will sustain you


We believe that one of the most important aspects of providing care is developing trusting relationships – not only with tamariki but with their whānau as well. When we have a trusting relationship with whānau, they will feel comfortable sharing their own knowledge about their child. Parents know their children best, and from them, we learn about each tamaiti interests’ and strengths’.  Kaiako are then able to build on these interests and strengths’ and provide an enriched environment for the tamariki to engage in.

Over Twos

Learning for our tamariki is child-led and adult supported.  We encourage tamariki to engage in experiences that have meaning for them.  This requires strong authentic relationships between kaiako and whānau and kaiako to actively responding the strengths, interests and abilities of each child. We recognise that each tamaiti learns in their own time and in their own unique way.  Our curriculum also promotes tamariki to be adaptive, creative and resilient.  The environment is an emotionally safe place and we provide resources that are open-ended, movable, and interchangeable, to support tamariki in their child-led journey.


Children under 3 years

Short days (9am to 3pm) Before 9am and after 3pm
1 day $42 Extra hours $9 an hour (maximum $78)
2 days $84Extra hours $9 an hour (maximum $156)
3 days $90Extra hours $9 an hour (maximum $198)
4 days $120 Extra hours $9 an hour (maximum $264)
5 days $150Extra hours $9 an hour (maximum $330)
Hourly rate (less than 6 hours a day)$7 an hour between 9am and 3pm, and $9 an hour outside of these times.

Children 3 years old and over attesting to 20 ECE Hours

Short days (9am to 3pm) Before 9am and after 3pm
1 day FREE Extra hours $9 an hour (maximum $36)
2 days FREEExtra hours $9 an hour (maximum $72)
3 days FREE Extra hours $9 an hour (maximum $108)
4 days $28Extra hours $9 an hour (maximum $172)
5 days $70 Extra hours $9 an hour (maximum $250)

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