5 Ways to Make Your Child Feel Special

1) Wear whatever hats👒, necklaces, rings💍 and bangles your child makes for you. Show them how much you value the creations they made for you with love.
2) Request a ‘kid fix’ – a big hug👩‍👦👨‍👧 and kiss from your child. Let them know how much better you feel after your fix.
3) Sing 🎼along with your child or dance when your child dances – duets are precious moments of togetherness.
4) Ask your child about their friends 👫– show them you are interested in what they care about.
5) Let loose and do something silly and fun with your child – start a pillow fight; tip up the coffee table and hide behind it, lobbing sponge balls🏐 across the room.


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